Patio Design and Installment from American Deck and Patio

Patios are a welcome addition to many homes because they provide a sustainable outdoor area for all kinds of gatherings, recreational activities, and opportunities for relaxation. The uses for a patio can be endless, from lounge spaces ideal for entertaining guests to outdoor cooking stations for families looking to cook and dine alfresco. If you’re considering installing a patio on your Bethesda, MD or Washington, DC-area home, our team of experienced professionals at American Deck and Patio can offer our services and expertise. We’ll give you a unique patio design that’s perfect for your home, budget, and lifestyle needs when you call us for a free in-home design consultation!

What Patio Materials Do Your Project Managers Recommend?

At American Deck and Patio, all our products are made with top-quality materials, so you have a patio that lasts. Our professionals can also educate you on how to take care of your patio materials properly, so you get the longevity you want out of your new outdoor living space. We have many materials you can use for the construction of your new patio, including all the following:

  • Flagstone
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • And many more!

It doesn’t matter so much which patio materials you choose, as most patios use the materials listed. It’s what you decide to do with them and how you combine them in intricate patterns and varying textures that matters far more. You want your new outdoor space to reflect your personality and complement your home’s style. Concrete is extremely versatile in its applications and can even be painted, stamped, colored, tinted, or decorated with inlays for a one-of-a-kind look. You can use brick for anything from your patio floor to pathways, edging, and retaining walls. Flagstone offers a multitude of colors and types of stone to choose from to help you design a patio that will be the envy of the neighborhood!

A Few Helpful Patio Design Ideas from Our Outdoor Experts

Have you ever spent hours flipping through the pages of a home décor magazine or watched HGTV shows featuring gorgeous patios and wondered how you could make improvements to your space? Our deck and patio experts in Bethesda, MD would love to help you get the perfect patio look you’ve always wanted. Here are a few patio design ideas for Bethesda, MD homeowners who have no idea where to get started:

  • Analyze Your Landscape: When designing your patio, be sure to think about how your various landscaping elements will come together. If you have existing shrubbery or trees, don’t view these items as a hindrance to your design concept. Rather, seek ways to incorporate them into your patio design. Trees provide shade, privacy, and cozy ambiance to any outdoor setting. Don’t hesitate to work with them to your advantage.
  • Consider Year-Round Features: While most people visualize sunny, summer days spent having a picnic or barbecue on the patio, you should think about installing features to help you enjoy your patio year-round. Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace will warm up that chilly fall or winter nights, as you sip a cup of hot apple cider or cocoa accompanied by a good book. An enclosed patio allows you to take advantage of your outdoor space even on rainy days.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment: Depending on the size of your property, consider adding multiple patio spaces with different functions. Perhaps you want a spot for outdoor cooking that’s separate from your outdoor lounge area. Canopies, outdoor lighting, or the addition of a pergola can elevate your outdoor dining area to a new level of sophistication. Water features, such as ponds or fountains, also often add a wow factor, as do statues, sunken seating areas, lighting accents, and area rugs. Don’t be afraid to mix up your patio design elements a little with our expert help!

Our Patios in Bethesda, MD Are Built to Last: Call Us Today!

American Deck and Patio build beautiful, functional patios that are designed to last. For patio design ideas and inspiration, we encourage you to check out our project gallery. As you’ll see by looking at the images, patio design options are limited only by your budget and imagination. Whether you want a classic patio design, or you’d like to try a bolder aesthetic, we aim to please.

Since 1989, homeowners have counted on our team to deliver custom deck & patio designs in Bethesda, MD at reasonable costs. To make our services more accessible to working families, we offer affordable monthly payment options and can even defer your payments up to six months in some cases. To schedule a free in-home design consultation for a patio in the Bethesda, MD, Washington, DC, or Montgomery County area, please call us today!