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I’d give them an A+

We have lived in this house since Jan. 1984. In June of that year we had a 12 x 20 deck with a gazebo-style framework along the back of our house. The old deck had run its course and needed replacing, after 30 years of much use.
We got 4 estimates for building the deck, all from companies with high rankings on Angie’s List. Andy from AD &P came by, and although his was not the lowest bid (nor was it the highest), we chose AD &P because they seemed the most knowledgeable of all 4 companies that came by and most ready to meet our needs. They also included the soffit repair in the estimate, which most of the other companies did not include. They were also the quickest to provide a written estimate -- then and there at the end of the visit, along with lots of helpful information about the company.
The old deck was built on top of a concrete patio. AD & P took a look underneath and determined that the footing of our old deck was in good condition and could serve as the foundation for our new deck. We did not want our new deck to have the gazebo-style framework, and AD &P said that their estimate would include replacing the vinyl siding soffit below our roof from which our old framework jetted out.
They said the work would take 3-5 days. We said that we wanted pressure-treated wood rather than the more expensive composite, since it is in our plans to move soon anyway, and they based their estimate on pressure-treated wood. . The only composite that is used in all decks is for the upper horizontal part of the parapets, so as to avoid splintering. AD &P indicated that they would build the new deck according to the codes that have been promulgated in the years since our old deck was built and showed us what the required changes would be.
On June 2 they told us that they could start on June 23. We signed with them and put down a 1/3 down payment. The following g week they called and said that due to an unexpected opening, they could start building the deck the next day. The next day their demolition crew came and took apart the old deck. A trucker delivered a container to our driveway to hold the demolished wood pieces. The next day they started building the new deck. The workers were AD&P employees (not sub-contractors). They worked quickly for the rest of the week, and the total deck was finished in 4-5 days. The 2nd payment was made when work started, and the 3rd and final payment was made after the work was completed.
This was a total non-hassle project. AD & P obviously takes great pride in hiring skilled professional workers and in providing the utmost in quality workmanship. We were also given some suggestions on the brand of sealant to apply and on preparing the deck for sealing.
Over the past 30 years we have had many, many contractors work on our house, both within and without, and I can without hesitation that that AD & P is one of the best companies that we have worked with. I would certainly use them again, and I have already recommended to friends to use this company for their own deck projects. If I were giving a grade, I'd give them an A+

Anonymous Potomac , MD September 25, 2014

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We Are Happy

Designed and built 3-season sunroom and patio, including: removing previous concrete slab, adjusting to meet codes and obtaining all county permits, arranging for electrical work.
The contractor (Sean) worked with us to design our sunroom and patio. It was an unusual design, which benefited from his experience and imagination, and he had good suggestions for materials. Some changes we made to accommodate codes made the result more interesting. The crews worked very hard (including a couple of weekends), and to a high standard of quality. They had to sink footers, lay a deck, build a frame, some walls with siding, and a fair amount of roofing. Electrical work was subcontracted.
This was a large multi-month project, subject to several delays because of waiting for permits, weather, and deliveries, I don't think American Deck staff was responsible for more than a couple of the extra days, in spite of having other projects in parallel; the scheduling is an example of their professionalism. The price was not low, but the result is a prominent part of our home and we are happy with it.

Anonymous Silver Spring , MD September 25, 2014

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I highly recommend American Deck and Patio

American Deck and Patio was contracted to build a Pergola.
American Deck and Patio provided detailed specifications for a Pergola to encompass an outdoor kitchen. The team worked with us to develop the appropriate materials and allotted space. Since this was our first experience building this type of structure, we really required the assistance of an experienced professional to help guide us in the right direction. Sean Conway was the perfect person to do so. He helped us transform our vision of a functional area to an even more beautiful space than we could have imagined. I highly recommend American Deck and Patio for any of your outdoor beautification projects. You will certainly be pleased with their work.

Anonymous Washington , DC September 25, 2014

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What great service!

Removed existing wooden deck, dug up old concrete patio and replaced with new, larger paver patio. The whole transaction was excellent. I didn't go with the cheapest bid, for various reasons. So I won't say they are inexpensive, but I believe on some level you get what you pay for. All the interactions were very professional and comfortable. I got the quote ahead of time. He showed up at the right time for the appointment and worked with me on the design. They called ahead of the scheduled time for the work so I knew when they would arrive and they warned me appropriately about a big dumpster delivery. The work followed exactly as scheduled, the workers were very good. They went overboard by spreading the extra soil across my yard as I had told them I would do myself if they just left a pile. What great service! Everything was tidied up and the yard was cleaned up when they left. Nothing came up as an unexpected issue and the patio still looks great now about 6 months later!

Anonymous Rockville , MD September 25, 2014

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We love the porch!

We had a new screen porch, approximately 10X12 ft, added to the back of our dining room. We replaced a window in that area with new French doors (which we ordered ourselves, not included in the 19,500 price), had a patio poured (since the porch was at ground level) and had a screen porch with a door built on top of the patio.
Andy Lombardo provided our initial estimate and worked with us as the primary contact throughout the job. We chose American Deck b/c their plan for the build seemed much simpler and more logical than two other contract groups that we talked with (we received a bid from one). Basically there are other options for building a screen porch at ground level (in terms of the base/foundation), and the other contractors seemed to take overly complex approaches.
Andy was very easy to work with from the beginning. He drew up a draft contract, which he revised after I consulted with him, and laid out the plans clearly. He and I talked regularly right before the project start, since we had ordered the door separately (and Andy was good about providing advice when we were trying to determine the specs for the door), and the work started basically right on time. Progress was good, although there were a few slowdowns for inspections, the screens to come in, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. One thing I especially appreciated is right after I first talked with Andy, he checked on the necessary space needed between the wall of our house and the planned porch - since our electric meter is located there - and found out that a minimum clearance of 3 feet was needed. The other contractors didn't even consider this. The team finished the porch just a couple of days ago and Andy came almost immediately to inspect the team's work a final time before collecting payment.
One other note I would like to include - this porch was something I was more interested in having than my husband - thus I handled about 99% of the management of this job on our end. I have dealt with many professionals who have "talked down" to me as a female, and I really applaud Andy, and his team, for interacting with me professionally and in the same manner that I would expect that they would have treated my husband. All in all, a very easy contract experience, and we love the porch!

Anonymous Potomac , MD September 25, 2014

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